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Is apple safe to the health of your dog?

Pet owners aspire to share all the goodies with their pets. Hence, it is a frequently asked question among dog owners can dogs eat apples. You will be delighted to know that Vets advocates the serving of apples to the dogs that offers them manifold benefits to health.

Apples prevent the dental troubles in dogs

One of the biggest threat to the health of the dog revolves around the  dental health. In that regard, apple is the best remedy. As dogs chew slices of apples against their teeth, it eliminates the layers of tartars as well as the dental plaque, eliminating the threats to the dental health.

Other health benefits of apples in Dogs

In addition to securing the dental health, for its high content of food-fiber, apples can bring relief to the troubles of constipation as well as prevent the health from the negative effects of free radicals as apple is rich in natural oxidants.

Hence, you can serve apples to your dogs with confidence.